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1. The services of PhotoJunction360 may stop any time depending upon the Business volume, Photographs orders, and Transaction volume. However, the Affiliate Members will get their dues within 15 working days from the day of its closure.

‚Äč2. The services of PhotoJunction360 may stop any time depending upon the Natural Disaster, Pandemic, Lockdown, Govt. orders, Court Order, or any incident beyond the control of its Management. The Affiliate Members will get their dues as shown in their Wallet within the shortest possible time depending upon the condition of the Business environment. 

3. The Services of PhotoJunction360 may stop any time due to incompetent Affiliate Members and Team in functioning of their specific duties. Orders from clients depend on the quality of Photographs that we sell and in case of poor quality of our Photographs, we may lose clients. In such cases, the dues of its members can not be and shall not be transferred to their accounts unless the Company desires to transfer as per the available fund.

4. PhotoJunction360 is not responsible for any misinformation, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, wrong translation and unethical practices of any of our Members. Any unlawful activities by any Member may lead to legal action by competent authorities.

5. The business of PhotoJunction360 depends on the quality of Photographs from its affiliate members. If the sample photographs are not sold in the market, further orders for Photographs cannot be given to the specific member.

6. Each and every member at PhotoJunction360 must work as per the Company’s guidance, get trained, do not lie or give false statements in Media or in public places, well behave with fellow team members and cooperate in its function. PhotoJunction360 will not take responsibility of any misinformation, false statements or incompetent team members.

7. Every effort is made and shall be made in future to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, our company does not take any responsibility and shall not be liable for eventuality, in case the website is temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control. The Website is being maintained by Third Party for technical reasons and hence, we cannot be held responsible for our ignorance.

8. PhotoJunction360 will deduct GST and pay taxes to the Govt. as per Government rules & guidelines on every transaction with its affiliate members and with the clients.

9. You assume full responsibility and risk for use of the Website.

10. PhotoJunction360 is under no circumstances liable for any losses, including loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of anticipated savings or loss of information suffered as a result of use of the Website or any of the services available at the Website.

11. PhotoJunction360 assumes no liability for the functionality of the Website and cannot be held liable for errors in programs, calculations, transmission or other errors resulting in you receiving incorrect or inadequate information.

12. PhotoJunction360 does not make any express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements whatsoever (including without limitation warranties of title or non-infringement, or the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) with regard to the Website.

13. All offers are subject to misprints, miscalculations, changes in taxes, duties, tariffs and levies and availability.